vrijdag 11 april 2014

The Poster Project with Kelly Sill

Does it seem like your kids’ activities are never-ending? From sports to music, Scouts or ballet, team parties, year-end recitals, Prom and graduation, your kids extracurricular activities are a HUGE part of your life! And this is the perfect time to celebrate their victories and put their accomplishments on display.

Join Kelly Sill in The Poster Project, a self-paced, hybrid workshop that will help you create a one-of-a-kind poster for your kids accomplishments and big events. Show just how proud you are with a 20×30 poster of your son, daughter or the entire team, troop, or ensemble too! It’s a fun, meaningful gift that celebrates their success and helps them feel like a rock-star!

You’ll learn how to design posters in a massive size, enlarge your photos minimizing pixelation, photo extractions, and more! You’ll also receive a bonus weekend project where Kelly will demonstrate how you can mount your beautiful printed poster on foam core display.

Register today and celebrate your kids, your family, and even your friends accomplishments in a BIG way!

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